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At College & Fashion, get your graduation outfit: academic caps, gowns and diploma rolls/diploma portfolios from the source! We also embroider, print or emboss your university's logo or your initials -  only your imagination is the limit.










Graduation Ceremony



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Our efforts are directed toward producing contemporary and distinguished academic regalia for your university's academic dignitaries and graduates for use at your graduation ceremonies.

If desired, our service team will organise your order, ensuring the process is smooth and stress-free. We coordinate all necessary steps with those responsible and would be pleased to consult with your personally at your location. This ensures that every participant receives the appropriate gown at the right time, so you can fully enjoy the ceremonies.


If you are a graduate, we offer the opportunity to transform the transition to the next phase of your life into an unforgettable experience. 





We look forward to your graduation ceremony.



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